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Midi Fuses Range from 5amp 10amp & 15amp

Blade fuses with additional breakout wire. Commonly used cars, trucks and other vehicles, these allow for installation of another protected device without having to cut into the original wiring. Simply switch in a new breakout fuse of the correct capacity and piggy back break out the new device off the convenient additional wire.

Each fuse is printed with the rated current in amperes on the top.

Each Pack contains 10 of your desire Ampage.

  • 10 x 5A
  • 10 x 10A
  • 10 x 15A
  • Black: 1A Current Rating
  • Grey: 2A Current Rating
  • Violet: 3A Current Rating
  • Pink: 4A Current Rating
  • Tan: 5A Current Rating
  • Brown: 7.5A Current Rating
  • Red: 10A Current Rating
  • Blue: 15A Current Rating
  • Yellow: 20A Current Rating
  • Clear: 25A Current Rating
  • Green: 30A Current Rating
  • Orange: 40A Current Rating
  • Red: 50A Current Rating
  • Blue: 60A Current Rating
  • Tan: 70A Current Rating
  • Clear: 80A Current Rating

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11A, 14A, 16.5A, 25A, 7.0A


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