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r.LiNK Interface passend für VAG MIB, MIB2 - Std+High-NTSC

r.LiNK RVC-input for connection of a rear-view camera. Compatible with VW Composition Media (not all models), Discover Media, Discover Pro. Skoda Bolero, Amundsen, Columbus. Seat Mediasystem Plus. Head-unit must be coded with diagnosis computer! Factory OPS must be installed.

The r.LINK interface allows to connect a rear-view camera to the factory-infotainment system. A coding of the Head-Unit on rear view camera is additionally necessary.


Product features

  • Plug and Play interface
  • Integration to the factory infotainment
  • Rear-view camera input (only for NTSC cameras)
  • Automatic switching to after-market camera when reverse gear is engaged (coding of vehicle is required)
  • Power supply output for rear-view camera (max. 180mA)



Brand Model Navigation
Seat Alhambra2 (7N) model year from 2016
Vehicles with factory OPS
Media System Plus
1x SD vertical left or 2x SD vertical left + right of 6.33inch monitor
Arona model year from 2018,
Ateca (KH7) model year from 2017,
Ibiza (6P) model year from 2016,
Leon3 (5F) model year from 2013,
Toledo4 (KG) model year from 2016
Vehicles with factory OPS
MIB/MIB2 High/Standard
Navigationssystem Plus or Media System Plus
6.5inch or 8inch monitor
Skoda Yeti (5L) model year from 2015 til 2017
Vehicles with factory OPS
1x SD vertical left or 2x SD vertical left + right of 6.33inch monitor
Fabia3 (NJ) model year from 2014,
Karoq (NU7) model year from 2018,
Kodiaq (NS7) model year from 2017,
Octavia3 (5E) model year from 2012,
Rapid (NH1) model year from 2016,
Superb3 (3V) model year from 2015
Vehicles with factory OPS
High/Columbus and Standard/Bolero/Amundsen
5.8inch, 6.5inch, 8inch or 9.2inch monitor
Volkswagen Amarok model year from 2017,
Beetle (5C) model year from 2015,
Caddy (2K) model year from 2016,
Multivan (T6) model year from 2015,
Scirocco3 (13) model year from 2016,
Sharan (7N) model year from 2016
Vehicles with factory OPS
Composition Media/Discover Media
1x SD vertical left or 2x SD vertical left + right and disc drive above 6.33inch monitor
Arteon (3H) model year from 2018,
Crafter (SZ/SY) model year from 2017,
Golf7 model year from 2012,
Golf7 Sportsvan model year from 2014,
Passat (B8) model year from 2016,
Polo5 (6C) model year from 2014 til 2017,
Polo6 (AW1) model year from 2018,
T-Cross (C1) from 04/2019,
T-Roc (A11) model year from 2018,
Tiguan2 (AD1) model year from 2016,
Touran (5T) model year from 2016
Vehicles with factory OPS
High/Discovery Pro and Standard/Composition Media
5.8inch, 6.5inch, 8inch or 9.2inch monitor
* NOT compatible to Composition Media with part numbers, as a full coding of the head-unit is not possible on these:

3Q0035819, 3Q0035819A, 3Q0035819B, 3Q0035819C
3Q0035820, 3Q0035820A, 3Q0035820B, 3Q0035820C
5G0035819, 5G0035819A, 5G0035819B, 5G0035819C
5G0035820, 5G0035820A, 5G0035820B, 5G0035820C

The letter at the end is merely the software version of the head-unit, newer versions are likely to not be compatible as well! Only the last 6 digits/numbers are relevant.
The part number of the head-unit can be displayed on the monitor: Menu button->Setup->System-Information->part number device



Coding Vehicle must be coded by diagnosis computer to rear-view camera. The vehicle can only be coded if it is equipped with a factory optical parking distance system with graphical display on the monitor.
After-market rear-view camera Compatible only with NTSC cameras.
Power supply output Maximum permitted current per output 180mA! Total permitted current of both outputs together maximum 200mA. For higher current requirements (ignition, R-gear) use a relay with a coil resistance of min. 75Ω or for two relays min. 150Ω.



Operating voltage 12V DC (11~16V)
Standby current 2mA
Video input formats NTSC
Dimensions CAN-box 27 x 49 x 18mm (W x H x D)


Legal Information

The driver must not be distracted by moving pictures while driving. In most countries/states this is prohibited by law. While the vehicle is moving, this product should only be used to display rear-view-camera pictures or fixed menus like a MP3 menu from a DVD-player.

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