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r.LiNK interface compatible VW RNS510/RCD510, Skoda Columbus

r.LiNK RVC-input for connection of any video source to the factory navigation system. Compatible with VW, Skoda and Seat with navigation system RNS315, RNS510, Columbus, Trinax and radio RCD510 and Bolero with 26pin connector on the rear of the head-unit.

The r.LINK interface allows the connection of rear-view camera to the factory navigation system.


  • Plug and Play Interface
  • Integrated into the vehicle infotainment
  • rear-view camera input (only NTSC cameras)
  • Video-in-motion up to approx. 5 km/h
  • Automatic switching to rear-view camera input (head-unit coding required)





Brand Model Navigation
Bentley Continental model years from about 2011- RNS810
Seat all vehicles with Trinax (RNS510 type)
Skoda vehicles with Amundsen (RNS315 Typ), Columbus (RNS510 type)
Bolero (RCD510 type)
VW vehicles with RNS315, RNS510, RNS810
Only for vehicles with 26-Pin connection on the back of the Head-Unit RCD510,RNS310, Bolero




factory-TV-Tuner Must NOT be installed
After-Market rear-view camera Compatible only to the NTSC cameras.
Coding The head-unit must be coded to rear-view camera per diagnosis computer or the RNS510, RNS315 and the RCD510 with our optional available OBD-coders OBD-301-R-01 (for OPS, too).
OPS On vecicles with OPS (optical parking system) the OPS control box must be coded to rear-view camera per diagnosis computer.



Specifications (Interface-Box)


Operation voltage 10.5 – 14.8V
Stand-by power drain 0mA
Operation power drain 200mA
Power consumption 2.8W
Temperature range -30°C bis +80°C
Weight 53g
Measurements 72 x 23 x 50 mm (W x H x D)


Connections (Interface-Box)


  • Male 12pin Molex connector


Delivery Contents


  • Interface-Box RLC-M02
  • Harness RLC-VW03
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