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v.LiNK Interface passend für BMW MGU, HSD+2

v.LiNK video inserter for rear-view camera, front camera and one video-source. Compatible with BMW vehicles F-and G-series with MGU and 10.25 or 12.3inch monitor and with HSD+2 LVDS plug.

The v.LiNK interface allows to insert a rear-view camera, a front camera, a RGB-input and one optional video source (e.g. USB-player, DVB-T2 tuner, …) to the factory-infotainment system of the vehicle manufacturer.



Brand Model Navigation
BMW F-series and G-series vehicles
with MGU (new main menu + new iDrive + LCI or new F/G seri from 2019)
S609A Professional Navigation, S6UPA Navigation Plus or Live Cockpit Professional S6U3A
Only MGU head-unit by Harman with 10.25 or 12.3inch monitor.Not compatible with MGU with 8.8″ inch monitor, e.g. 1 Series F40 with Live Cockpit Plus S6U2A.
Not compatible with MGU head unit from Alpine with 10.25″ inch monitor, e.g. 2 Series Gran Tourer F44 with Live Cockpit Professional S6U3A.
Since 2019, BMW has been gradually converting its vehicles from NBT2 to MGU. Visually, NBT2 is difficult to distinguish from MGU. Send us the vehicle identification number in advance for verification in an enquiry, please.


Legal Information

The driver must not be distracted by moving pictures while driving. In most countries/states this is prohibited by law. While the vehicle is moving, this product should only be used to display rear-view-camera pictures or fixed menus like a MP3 menu from a DVD-player.


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