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Video inserter compatible MB NTG3/NTG4

Video inserter compatible with Mercedes Benz vehicles generations NTG3 or NTG4 with Command APS, Audio50 APS or Audio20. For connection of 2 different video sources and 1 rear-view camera.

The v.LiNK interface allows to insert a rear-view camera and two additional video sources (e.g. USB-player, DVB-T2 tuner, …) to the factory-infotainment system of the vehicle manufacturer.


Product features

  • Video-inserter for factory-infotainment systems
  • 1 CVBS rear-view camera video-input
  • 2 CVBS video-inputs for after-market devices (e.g. USB-Player, DVB-T2 tuner, …)
  • Built-in audio-switch (no audio-insertion)
  • Automatic switching to rear-view camera input on engagement of the reverse gear
  • Video-in-motion (ONLY for connected video-sources)
  • Video-inputs PAL and NTSC compatible
  • Compatible with factory rear-view camera



Brand Model Navigation
Mercedes Benz C-class (W204) from 03/2007 til 02/2011,
CL-class (C216) from 01/2006 til 05/2009,
CLC-class (CL203) from 09/2008,
E-class (W212) from 04/2009 til 05/2011,
E-class coupé (W207) from 05/2009 til 05/2011,
CLS-coupé (C218) from 01/2011 til 05/2011,
GLK-class (X204) from 09/2008,
S-class (W221) from 10/2005 til 05/2009,
SLS (C197) from 03/2010
Comand APS HD NTG3
Comand APS NTG4
Audio20 NTG4
Audio50 APS NTG4



  • Audio20 and Audio50 APS have been installed longer than above dates.
  • The Audio50 APS with arrow only navigation (navi button but no PCMCIA on head-unit) is in above vehicles only available as NTG4, an Audio50 APS NTG4.5 does not exist. This means that the VL2-MBN4 fits the Audio 50 APS with arrow only navigation.
  • There is no Becker MapPilot or preparation in combination with NTG4 head-units. This accessory indicates an NTG4.5 head-unit (then RL2-MBN45 will fit).


If above info does not identify your head-unit, we suggeste for vehicles til end of 2012, to check prior to ordering on backside of head-unit or monitor whether the connector for LVDS-video is a squared 10pin (i.e. VL2-MBN4 is suitable; NTG4.5 has a round 4-pin HSD LVDS image connector).



Video only The interface inserts ONLY video signals into the infotainment. For inserting Audio signals either the possibly existing factory audio-AUX-input or a FM-modulator can be used.
Factory rear-view camera Automatically switching-back from inserted video to factory rear-view camera is only possible while the reverse gear is engaged. To delay the switch-back an additional electronic part is required.



  • Video-insertion: 10-pin LVDS
  • Power and CAN-bus: Plug & play (vehicle specific)
  • Video-input (2x): RCA female connector
  • Rear-view camera-input: RCA female connector
  • Audio-switch: each 2-channel RCA female connector (2 inputs to 1 output)



Operating voltage 12V DC (7~25V)
Standby current <5mA
Current consumption 0.3A
Video input 0.7~1V
Video input formats PAL/NTSC
Operating temperature -40°C to +85°C
Dimensions video-box 152 x 21 x 90mm (W x H x D)
Dimensions CAN-box 73 x 22 x 45mm (W x H x D)


Legal Information

The driver must not be distracted by moving pictures while driving. In most countries/states this is prohibited by law. While the vehicle is moving, this product should only be used to display rear-view-camera pictures or fixed menus like a MP3 menu from a DVD-player.

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