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PZ-159-MOIS (TFL 2024)

Moving off Information System (MOIS) (TFL 2024)


Fully compliant Moving Off Information System (MOIS)

(Compatible with TFL 2024) 

MOIS Performance Criteria Explained (Click HERE)

TFL 2024 Guidance for Progressive Safety System 2024 (Click HERE


The Progressive Safe System (PSS) is a system that builds on the requirements of the 2019 Safe System and ensures that operators in London are using the latest safety technology and equipment. The PSS will help reduce collisions and improve safety for all road users.

One of the systems that can be used as part of the PSS requirement is the SDS-PZ-159 “Moving Off Information System (MOIS)” which helps avoid collisions with pedestrians and cyclists within near range of the front of the vehicle where they are difficult to see.

It equips the driver with an assistance system that detects people and obstacles close to the front of the vehicle in situations involving moving off and low-speed manoeuvres. The MOIS is based on real-time object identification and alerts the driver when someone is in the blind spot in front of the vehicle with a solid amber warning on the display. Using complex AI algorithms the PZ-159 will detect potential collisions and provide an audible alarm and flashing visual alarm when one is imminent.

We have scoured the PSS development documents to ensure the PZ-159 has all required features of PSS, along with some features that were highlighted as issues with competitors kits currently in use, to provide an industry leading “Moving Off Information System (MOIS)”.


• Easy Install – No Need for Multiple Sensors.
• Self-Diagnosis Function – Provides Information on Working state of system.
• Multiple Warning Levels– Second Level Warning with Audio will Ensure Driver Knows When a Collision is Imminent.
• Intelligent Self Calibration Function – Ensure Bodywork isn’t picked up with Self Calibration Function.

UNECE 159 is a UN regulation that establishes uniform provisions concerning the approval of motor vehicles with regard to the Moving Off Information System (MOIS) for the detection of pedestrians and cyclists

The MOIS is a system that uses cameras or other sensors to detect pedestrians or cyclists in front or behind the vehicle when it is stationary or moving at low speed. The system then provides information to the driver, such as visual, audible or haptic signals, to prevent collisions or mitigate their consequences

The regulation specifies the requirements and test procedures for the MOIS, such as performance, functionality, durability, environmental conditions, etc. It also defines the approval markings and conformity of production procedures for the MOIS

The regulation entered into force as an annex to the 1958 Agreement on 10 June 2021. It was amended by Amendment 1 on 29 September 2022

The regulation applies to vehicles of categories M1 and N1, which are passenger cars and light commercial vehicles respectively


Software Download

Firmware Update PZ159.v2

Calibration Manual

SDS Brochure

TFL 2024  PSS Requirements

TFL Certificate of Conformity

Item Parameter
Rated voltage(V) 12V OR 24V
Working voltage(V) 9-36V
Working current <200mA
Working Temp.(C) -40 ~ 80
Storage Temp.(C) -40 ~ 85
“Working frequency
(GHz)” 77-81
Transit power(dBm) 12
Modulation type FMCW
Antenna type 2TX,4RX
Max. traceable target 31
Item Parameter
“Horizontal detection
angle(0)” 110 @ -3dB
“Vertical detection angle
(0)” 30 @ -3dB
“Detection angle accuracy
(0)” ±0.5 @ 40°
“Detection angle
resolution(0)” 30
Speed range(km/h) -120 ~ +120
Speed accuracy (km/h) 0.94
Detection ability(m) 85 @10m2
“Detection distance
accuracy (m)” ±0.15
“Detection distance
resolution(m)” 0.3
Waterproof grade IP67
Item Parameter
Rated voltage(V) 12V or 24V
Working voltage(V) 9-36V
Working current <400mA
Working Temp.(C) -40C – +80C
Storage Temp.(C) -40C – +85C
CAN communication rate 500Kps

Download Manual


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