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Amber Valley White Noise Reverse Alarm with Night Silent Wire

ECOLARM® | The Environmentally Friendly Alarm

In an effort to reduce noise pollution, we have come up with a number of options for consideration. The difficulty is alerting people to danger while not disturbing people outside the danger zone; and also in a multi-vehicle situation, assisting people in danger to locate where the warning is coming from.

The best and most effective is a low frequency beep (does not travel) and a spoken message that says exactly what is happening, and there is nothing more directional than speech.

Alternatively for customers who prefer a beep or multi-beep as traditionally used, we can have a daytime frequency and a much lower frequency and dB level for night time so that the warning is much more localised.

Finally we have our range of ECOLARM®s. These use a wide variety of computer generated sounds to alert in a fashion designed not to be intrusive.

Our shush-shush alarm is also available, however it is manufactured at our Portuguese facility and only available in certain countries around the world at the moment.

The most popular unit we are making in the non-beeping range is “THE SHRIEK OF THE SPHINX” range

The ECOLARM® is kind to the environment, being made partly of recycled material.

Soft tone alarm ideal for built up areas where noise pollution may be an issue
All units are Night Silent and Override
AVRWN01/02 Technical Specification

Volts 12-24V
dB level 83 or 88dB
Frequency Speech
Current 0.5mA

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