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Multi-Function Alarm (Left, Right and Reverse)

Vehicle audible warning alarm offering 3 audible warnings, Vehicle Turning Left, Vehicle, Turning Right
Vehicle Reversing. Unit operates 12-24v with 97dB Audible warning at 4FT. Preconduited cables for
ease of installation .

Specification SDS-LTA-3MA

• Output: 97 ± 4dB(A) AT 4FT
• Voltage: 12 ~ 24v DC
• Current (Max): 0.6A
• Temperature: -40˚C ~ 85˚C
• Frequency: 500Hz ~7KHz
• Duty Cycle: 3.0 S/T (Vocal Audible Warning Reversing Warning)
3.3 S/T (Vocal Audible Warning Vehicle Turning Right)
3.3 S/T (Vocal Audible Warning Vehicle Turning Left)
• Weight: 350g ± 10%

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