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Heat Seats 2 Pad Hi Low switch

Heated Seat kit, fixed under original seat cover and seat pad offer maximum safety and reliability. With consistent controlled warmth being distributed through  continued temperature control preventing the car seat from overheating offering maximum comfort.
These seats can be easily installed in your car. They work well with all types of seat material such as leather or Cloth.
The car seat heated features a high-quality heater element which retains conductivity even when you cut length on hole making this heated kit easily installed and tailored to each seat.
The Automotive heated seat kit which includes heated seat pad seat comes complete with wiring harness. The wires are insulated  thoroughly ensuring maximum safety.
These heated seats are comfortable and consisting only of the best quality material expected in heated seat pads offering a comfort on a long winters journey for you and your family.

High / Low Switch Heated Seats
2 pads for one seat
High / Low / Off Switch
Pad Dimensions: 277 x 545mm
45 degrees C – 70 degrees C
12 Volt

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